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Boast takes the complexity of R&D tax credits away from you and
your clients so your clients can get larger refunds, faster.

We partner with companies, organizations, and groups that are customer obsessed. Join our partner ecosystem and let’s work together to add more value to the innovative companies you work with.

Why Partner with Boast?

Grow your revenues and become a trusted resource for your clients:

  • Earn referral fees or offer discounts to your clients
  • Increase your client retention by providing simplified R&D tax credit services
  • Access to exclusive events
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Let’s work together to add more value to your clients. Talk to us to learn more about our partner benefits.

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Partnership Opportunities

I have clients I would like to recommend Boast to:

(ex. accounting firm, fractional CFO, growth or
M&A consultant)
Our partner program is designed for a company or organization that works with innovative companies. Grow your business and revenue and retain your clients by extending their financial runway through R&D tax credits.

I have portfolio companies I would like to recommend Boast to:

(ex. Investor, accelerator,
Give the gift of time to your portfolio companies. Help them recoup a portion of their product development costs. Offer discounts to your founders and give them access to other discounted tech stacks to reduce their operational costs.

I have a community or audience I would like to share the Boast solution with:

(ex. content creator,
publisher, newsletter)
Help founders in your community find non-dilutive capital for growth. Offer Boast to your audience and get compensated for leads
and deals.


We save your clients 5X the time spent by automating data collection, analysis, and report writing.

Larger Refunds

Our software categorizes every ticket and expense to capture R&D eligible costs and projects that others may miss – this means a larger tax credit for your clients.

Audit Protection

We’ll defend your clients in case of an audit. Plus, we compile detailed audit docs by combining tickets, timestamps, and expenses.

Access to Capital

Your clients get affordable non-dilutive capital to scale their business – no more waiting for government processing times.

R&D Tax Experts

With 1,000s of successful claims, our team of experts has the experience necessary to prepare and defend your client’s R&D tax claim.

Discounted Software Subscriptions

Your clients get access to discounts for their operational tech stack – from CRM to Customer Success tools from our partner network.

"Education is a critical mission of NVBC and working with Boast to deliver opportunities to learn and to network has been fundamental to our ongoing partnership success."


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