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What The Tech? Episode 5: “Learn by Doing” with Jane.app

What The Tech? Episode 5: “Learn by Doing” with Jane.app
on July 24, 2023
What The Tech? Episode 5: “Learn by Doing” with Jane.app

Prior to becoming Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Jane, Trevor Johnston had been running a small branding company based out of Vancouver.

This was 2011, and as Trevor puts it, things needed to go online. Trevor and his team brought coding into their skillset, working with a wealth of clients to build web-based tools and solutions to help grow their businesses. 

In the process, Trevor was hungry to build something “a little more app-like” opposed to the traditional ecommerce products his team had been helping steer. He also saw the value in “building something once and selling it twice” approach to development, opposed to the “0 to 100” strategy to designing solutions that had become the norm within agencies. 

That’s when one of Trevor’s agency customers, Alison Taylor, was opening a small medical practice, but lacked the right booking software to accomplish her business’s multidisciplinary needs. No existing booking platform looked reasonable, and every potential solution clashed with the beautiful web design Trevor’s team had been working on, “sending users back to the 90s” when they clicked into an offsite booking portal. 

Rather than “make do,” Trevor went for it, getting permission to build a custom booking and management portal from scratch. 

With 6 weeks to launch, his staff hunkered down and created the first version of what would eventually be one of the most exciting startup projects out of Vancouver. What they built ended up being more than just a booking platform, but a complete practice management software

Today, Jane is an incredibly easy-to-use and secure online clinic management software that lets users book, chart, schedule, and invoice from anywhere, anytime. On top of all that, it requires no training, and works in all clinics.

But building this toolkit was a process steeped in research and development. And while the founders of Jane were bootstrapped from the start, they worked with Boast AI to navigate SR&ED claims to ensure they were cashing in on the non-dilutive funding they need to broaden their mission. 

In this episode of What The Tech, Trevor explains how Jane has grown, what’s in store for the future, and why partnering with Boast to maximize their tax claims was key to their success.


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