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Connecting with other leaders and innovators is a big part of being successful. The Boast community is large, global, and growing fast. We want to engage with you—in person or virtually—to share, support, inspire, and smile.

On Demand Events

Dallas Price joins us to discuss what his team at Forum Ventures has in store for the rest of 2023 and beyond. 

Boast’s own co-founder Lloyed Lobo digs deep into his community-led approach to building a successful business. 

myConverso has designed a platform that gives professionals the tools to enhance their communication skills through lifelike simulations, personalized training, and actionable insights.

York IE supports ambitious entrepreneurs, operators and investors on their quest to innovate and disrupt markets—an ethos we share deeply here at Boast.

Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Volta is composed of an amazing team of professionals dedicated to helping founders and their teams drastically improve the odds of building a high-growth startup in Atlantic Canada.

Prior to becoming Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Jane, Trevor Johnston had been running a small branding company based out of […]

Natureblocks Founder and CEO James Davidson first got the idea for his company a few years back when Canadian wildfires […]

What makes Canada such an exciting place to be an entrepreneur? Aside from innovation funding and R&D tax credits, Canada […]

Welcome to a very special bonus episode of What The Tech from Boast AI! We’re unpacking the findings from Boast […]

Before partnering with Boast AI, Patrick Proulx, CTO and CO-Founder of Knak, viewed the SR&ED application process as a time […]

Mehrsa Raeiszadeh is no stranger to SR&ED. As the founder of numerous startups—including her latest venture, the online car-selling marketplace […]

There are billions of dollars in government grants available at both the federal and provincial level to help innovative Canadian startups grow […]