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Webinar: Extend Your Cash Flow Runway with R&D Tax Credits

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2021 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET

Each year the US government provides over $20 billion in R&D Tax Credits to help businesses fund their product development. However, the application process is cumbersome, time-consuming, leaves applicants at risk of costly audits, and receiving the money can take as long as 16 months. Learn everything you need to know about the program and application process to help you get more money faster for less time and audit risk. Read More.

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Webinar: The High Growth Startup Customer Success Playbook

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2021 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET

Customer-led growth is hard to master, but once unlocked, it will drive massive growth and brand loyalty like no other – but few do it well. Join an in-depth conversation with seasoned customer success leaders from LinkedIn, VMWare and Zendesk who have built repeatable customer-growth engines. Read More.

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Webinar: Fundraising Stories From My Last Round

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2021 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET

As a founder, it’s easy to get lost while trekking through the fundraising process. Alexander McIsaac, Partner of Global Founders Capital and Adam Reeds, CEO at digital asset platform Ledn ($30M Series A) join us as we explore the top themes in VC that are driving startup funding and best fundraising practices. Read More.

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Past Events

Patrick Lor

Webinar: How to Raise Seed & Series A in 2022

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2021 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET

Choosing the right VC can make or break a startup. Join Patrick Lor, Managing Partner at Panache Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm that has invested in over 95 startups and learn the right (and wrong) ways to drive funding for your startup and accelerate your growth. Read More.

Webinar: Unlock 5 Steps to Uncover Your Business Potential

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2021 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET

Whether you’re starting a new business or bringing an existing one to the next level, it can be daunting. Instead of wasting dollars and time on an extensive strategic planning process, which typically takes months and large sums of money paying a consulting group, join Matt Hulett, former President of Rosetta Stone and current CEO of PetMeds. Read More.