How to Accelerate Growth & Revenue with Embedded Lending

on August 23, 2022
How to Accelerate Growth & Revenue with Embedded Lending

Want the key to unlocking the next unicorn? Today more and more companies are embedding lending into their products not only to drive growth and revenue but also to stay competitive.

Embedded lending allows companies to offer easy credit access to their customers, directly from their existing product experience, in a seamless and frictionless way. The best part – you can improve customer Life Time Value by 2-5x while driving long-term loyalty and building a new revenue stream with little resources.

Join us on Tuesday, August 30, where Jon Fry, Co-founder & CEO at YC-backed Lendflow will cover:

– How embedded lending actually works
– What types of companies are the best fit for embedded lending
– The value and benefits of launching embedded lending
– How risk is assessed through data collection and decisioning
– The differences between offering options such as “buy now, pay later,” B2B payments, net-term loans, credit cards, and more


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