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How to Drive Growth & Revenue with Customer Success

How to Drive Growth & Revenue with Customer Success
on June 29, 2020
Julie Persofsky Winning by Design

The repercussions of COVID have proven it’s time to reconsider the role of Customer Success in your organization. We are no longer just keeping customers happy and/or keeping customers from churning.

Customer Success is the profit center for your company and needs to be treated as such, starting with executive representation, tooling, staffing, training, processes, and the data model.

In this session, Julie Persofsky, Managing Director from Winning by Design will take you through the science of Customer Success and lessons learned from the fastest-growing companies during these times to rapidly recover revenue.

Topics covered include:

  • The science and data behind real customer success
  • How you should be thinking about Customer Success
  • Driving operational efficiency and profitability for your company
  • Managing customers in a COVID and post-COVID world
  • What you need to do to retain and grow your customers right now

The session is moderated by Russ Armstrong, Director of Sales at Boast.AI.

Additional Customer Success resources mentioned in the video:


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