Exponential Growth Ninjutsu from 0 to IPO

Brian Rothenberg

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Finding exponential growth is the holy grail of every startup, but many fail in pursuit of it.

In this session, Brian Rothenberg, partner at the venture capital firm defy.vc and one of the most popular growth marketers joins us to discuss tips and strategies for creating sustainable exponential growth.

Brian’s career has spanned every stage of startup growth, from scrappy zero to triumphant IPO. He founded SkillSlate which was acquired by TaskRabbit, then went on to help Eventbrite to $5B+ in growth and IPO. Today, Brian is investing in and advising early-stage startups.

Today, Brian is investing in and advising early-stage startups.

In this session, Brian shares:

  • How startups should quantify product-market fit”?
  • How to assemble your growth team — who needs to be on it, how to start it, and how to get the flywheel spinning.
  • What growth looks like at every stage of the company – structure, tactics, tools, funnel analysis, etc.
  • The best ways to report and track your progress so you always know what’s working, and so everyone’s aligned around what’s next.
  • How SaaS companies can use marketplaces to drive exponential growth and scale?
  • What Brian looks for in early-stage startups before investing?

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