Anatomy of a Venture Capital Term Sheet

Anil Advani

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The key to a successful startup fundraising journey is mastering one of the final steps – the Term Sheet. Designed to outline the conditions of the investment, Term Sheets can be overwhelming and complex to navigate. Understanding SAFEs, Convertible Notes, what’s negotiable, and what’s not, there are a number of technicalities you want to get right.

In this session, Anil Advani, Founder & Managing Partner at Inventus Law joins us to go over the key terms of the Term Sheet and how they affect a startup’s valuation, ownership, and control. Anil is a startup lawyer, angel investor, and mentor to early-stage startup founders in Silicon Valley and across the world.

Topics covered include:

  • Valuation: Pre and post-money
  • Liquidation Preference
  • Voting Rights
  • Exit Rights
  • Founder Vesting, Lock-in, Indemnity and more

You can download the slides here.

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