Talk to an R&D Tax Expert

Talk to an R&D Tax Expert

Discover How Boast’s 2024 AI Powered Algorithm Makes Your SR&ED or R&D Tax Claim Process Easier and Faster.

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Talk to one of our experts to find out how Boast automates the process of claiming SR&ED/R&D tax credits

Nos experts fiscaux en R&D évalueront rapidement si vous avez droit à des crédits d’impôt pour la R&D. Au cours de cette conversation, nous vous fournirons

  • Tactiques pour réduire le temps consacré par vos équipes à la préparation de vos crédits d’impôt R&D
  • Déterminer les projets éligibles aux crédits d’impôt R&D
  • Déterminez si vous pouvez bénéficier d’avances de trésorerie trimestrielles sur les crédits d’impôt R&D accumulés
  • Estimez le rendement total que vous pouvez espérer pour l’exercice fiscal en cours
  • Fournir des idées pour maximiser vos demandes d’indemnisation actuelles et passées
  • Découvrez la plateforme Boast et comment nous simplifions votre processus de demande d’indemnisation.


What Happy Customers Say About Boast

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

CEO, Klue

Time savings is the big reason we’re fans of Boast. It’s worth it to not disrupt my broader dev. team. Even if PWC or another big player were to offer us a lower rate, we’d stick with Boast.

Kumar Erramilli

Kumar Erramilli


Boast was 100x better than any other firm we have used. They made the process seamless from end-to-end. A truly exceptional partner.

Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson

CEO, Bevy

Boast is a startup’s dream partner. I only wish I’d found them many years ago and would recommend them to any CEO. I’ll be using their service for years to come.

Matt Loszak

Patrick Proulx

Co-Founder and CTO of Knak

In about a half hour of talking with one of the engineers at Boast, I knew they had a better idea of what Knak does than those eight hours I had already spent onboarding with an accountant.

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