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Funding your growth with government grants

There are billions of dollars in government grants available at both the federal and provincial level to help innovative Canadian startups grow […]

Building your R&D Capital Strategy

Cash is king, and you’re weighing the cost of every dollar spent. How do you fund R&D and growth initiatives […]

Getting to $20M ARR and Beyond

If you’re an early-stage startup, there are lots of resources for getting off the ground and acquiring your first customers, […]

Loom’s Growth Journey from Nearly Broke to 14 Million Users & $1.5 Billion Valuation

Loom’s Cofounder, Vinay Hiremath joins us to share learnings from the highs and lows of his startup’s hypergrowth journey, going […]

How to Accelerate Growth & Revenue with Embedded Lending

Want the key to unlocking the next unicorn? Today more and more companies are embedding lending into their products not […]

Built to Scale – Going Beyond $100M ARR While Building a Great Company, Culture & Community

Leading tech investor Bessemer Venture Partners recently said companies should stop chasing unicorn valuations; $100M in recurring revenue is the […]

Traction Conference 2022

Traction brings you actionable strategies and tactics for supercharging your growth, straight from the founders and leaders of some of the […]

How to Win During a Downturn – 7 Lessons from Building Gong to $7 Billion

With massive shifts and uncertainty in the markets right now, most companies are working on defensive plans like reducing spend […]

10 Rules for Driving Growth from 0 to IPO

Driving growth doesn’t always mean hiring a big team and spending lots of money. It starts with prioritizing activities with […]

From Dorm Room to IPO: 10 Lessons from ZoomInfo’s Journey to $14+ Billion

Over the past five years, ZoomInfo has grown 10X to an $800 million dollar run rate business and a $14 […]

The 7 Step Playbook for Building a Unicorn & Growing from Startup to Scale-up

Growing a company from ground zero to a billion-dollar business is not an easy feat for any entrepreneur, especially in […]

5 Key Rules for Long Term Startup Growth

Few startups experience exponential growth. Businesses grow at different rates, and much of that growth will be non-linear. This is […]