Capture all your eligible R&D tax credits with solutions that match your industry, team, and business type. Boast has decades of expertise in helping clients grow faster and innovate more by maximizing their R&D tax credits.


gaming - sred eligibility

Software & Gaming

Boast specializes in software and gaming claims. We know what qualifies, and how to get the most from your R&D investments.

SRED Example - Robotics

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing R&D is unique. Maximize your claim with Boast experts who understand how to claim manufacturing R&D the right way.

pharmaceutical - sred eligibility - tax credits

Biomedical & Life Sciences

Detailed documentation for biomedical and life science claims are required. Fortunately, Boast works with you to capture eligible work from your detailed records.

energy - sred eligibility - tax credits


Boast experts help maximize energy claims based on your detailed R&D project, financial, and payroll records.


Founders & Operators

Boast specializes in helping founders and operators reduce the burden and pain of tax credit claim preparation and maximize claim size.

Finance & Tax

Boast specializes in helping finance and tax professionals manage and maximize tax credit claims.

IT & Engineering

Boast specializes in helping Engineering and IT professionals reduce the burden and pain of tax credit preparation and claims.

Business Types


Startups can claim large portions of R&D investments to recoup as tax credits. Find out how through partnering with Boast.


Boast creates claims for mid-market businesses based on your detailed R&D project, financial, and payroll records, and automatically creates what is needed for accurate claims.


As an enterprise firm, by accessing all your eligible R&D and SR&ED tax incentives, you can invest more quickly and grow more rapidly.