What The Tech Episode 9 with myconverso

on September 5, 2023
What The Tech Episode 9 with myconverso

It often goes unsaid (which may be part of the problem), but strong communication is a pivotal ingredient in building a successful business. 

After all, your ability to fundraise, hire, build partnerships and even sell your product all hinge on how well you communicate your value proposition—or even just approach one-on-one interactions.

While your messaging may be clear and succinct in your mind, you may need help crafting a message that resonates with your audience—whether that’s an audience of one on a phone call, your board, or an entire market.

These are just a few of the challenges that Ekin Ober and the amazing team at Atheos Labs (nee myconverso) are aiming to tackle. They’re on a mission to revolutionize communication and empower professionals to excel in their interactions.

The team at myconverso has designed an innovative platform that gives professionals the tools to enhance their communication skills through lifelike simulations, personalized training, and actionable insights. Armed with cutting-edge generative AI technology, myconverso provides an immersive and transformative learning experience that can be a gamechanger for professionals in myriad settings. 

Ekin and her team are not only impressive entrepreneurs, but they’re amazing partners, as they’ve worked with Boast to capture non-dilutive funding to help extend their R&D runway. They are active in the Toronto and Canadian tech ecosystem, and the Boast team was even able to to say hi to Ekin and her team in-person during our recent visit to Collision Conference in Toronto.

In this episode of What The Tech, Ekin and Boast’s Head of Content Paul Davenport reminisce about Collision Conference (including our Get SRED’d event at Barry’s Bootcamp), talk about what it took to create myconverso, the team’s goals for the future, and the general state of startups as we wrap up Summer and head into Fall 2023. 


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