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Access more provincial funding, faster and easier

Quebec is home to some of Canada’s most generous innovation funding programs, including CDAE and The Multimedia Tax Credit.

But accessing the provincial tax credits you deserve while still tapping into your fair share of federal funding can be a tricky balancing act.

Boast helps Quebec businesses access more innovation capital, faster and easier.

We combine our unparalleled expertise working directly alongside business leaders in Quebec with cutting-edge, AI–driven technology, resulting in:

Get up to 75% of your accrued SR&ED expenses throughout the year. Access $25K to $1M in quarterly advances.
Higher SR&ED claim returns with minimal effort
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Faster growth of innovative companies compared to regular counterparts

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CDAE for Software in Quebec

Among the most popular provincial innovation funding programs in the entire country is Revenu Quebec’s Tax Credit for the Development of E-Business, commonly referred to as CDAE. 

CDAE offers a mix of refundable and non-refundable tax credits for any Quebec-based companies, CCPS or otherwise, and are geared toward businesses developing and selling software licenses.

Compare to SR&ED, CDAE qualification are less rigid and can include routine development. However, CDAE does NOT offer tax credit for programs that involve hardware, include software that controls or is built into hardware components.

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When to use CDAE vs. SR&ED—or both?

There are options for businesses that want to use both CDAE and SR&ED as part of their capital strategy

Doing this is tricky, however, and requires both deep knowledge of existing tax code, plus the ability to communicate the nature of your innovation both from the business-side and technical-side of R&D.

This is especially critical for businesses that may be applying for the first time—or who have maybe struggled with their application in the past.

To learn more about how to optimize your tax credit claims to help extend your R&D runway and drive greater innovation, book a call with a member of the Boast team today.

Quebec’s Multimedia Tax Credit

The Multimedia Tax Credit (often abbreviated to CTMM from the French translation) is a refundable credit that most benefits video game companies and developers of digital products.

In its current state, applicants can recoup up to 37. 5% of their labor expenses that have gone to creating multimedia titles—including educational software and training simulators—that contain at least three of these elements: text, audio, images and animation.

Like CDAE, the Multimedia Tax Credit is a unique advantage for businesses in Quebec. But balancing provincial credits with programs like SR&ED—and even just applying for non-dilutive funding—can be an extremely time consuming effort if businesses go it alone.

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About: Quebec

When audits occur, Boast has your back

As both the Canadian federal and Quebec provincial governments work to balance their own budgets, audits have simply become more prevalent.

While this may sound daunting, the best audit defense begins with having a detailed claim and a comprehensive source of truth for all of the activities therein.

At Boast, our AuditShield guarantee means we will do the heavy lifting for you to defend your claim and maximize your final returns. Customers spend 90% less time defending their audits when they work with Boast, allowing you to rest assured that our team has your back and will help you access the non-dilutive funding you deserve.

Our claim accuracy rate is unmatched in the R&D tax credit space, and our teach of tech and tax pros have decades of combined experience working with some of Quebec’s leading innovators to extend their runway.

Find out how much money you can get in R&D tax claims

Talk to one of our experts to see how outsourcing your R&D tax claims to Boast can get you more money back from the government and help you regain the time you need to run your business.

First, estimate the value of your SR&ED, which could unlock 64% of your R&D spend as a cash refund from the Canadian government.

Use our calculator to learn more.


What customers say about Boast

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Time savings is the big reason we’re fans of Boast. It’s worth it to not disrupt my broader dev. team. Even if PWC or another big player were to offer us a lower rate, we’d stick with Boast.”

Jason Smith, CEO, Klue

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“Boast was 100x better than any other firm we have used. They made the process seamless from end-to-end. A truly exceptional partner.”

Kumar Erramilli, CTO, Acto

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“Boast is a startup’s dream partner. I only wish I’d found them many years ago and would recommend them to any CEO. I’ll be using their service for years to come.”

Derek Andersen, CEO, Bevy

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“In about a half hour of talking with one of the engineers at Boast, I knew they had a better idea of what Knak does than those eight hours I had already spent onboarding with an accountant.”

Patrick Proulx, Co-Founder and CTO of Knak

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