Join Our Mission To Help Companies Accelerate Innovation and Growth Through R&D Tax Incentives and R&D Intelligence

1,000s of companies in the U.S. and Canada leverage Boast to fuel their growth.

Boast has secured $123M USD in funding to automate billions in R&D tax credits and innovation incentives to help companies grow without the red tape.

Life at Boast – Fun with Colleagues

You can’t build a great company without a great team with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Our top priority is to hire smart people and give them the tools to succeed. It is imperative that our team be treated with respect and concern, they are challenged and stimulated, they are encouraged and enabled to constantly learn and advance personally and professionally, and they are able to lead interesting and balanced lives.

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Impact for Clients

We measure our success by the degree to which we maximize our clients’ bottom line and the value we bring to their business. It is the reason we come to work every day. And it is the reason why our clients consider us a trusted advisor and a partner in their success.

Maintaining a close relationship with our clients is paramount. We like to stay connected throughout the year so we can proactively prepare their R&D tax claims helping them get more money, faster for less time and risk.

Giving Back to the Community

Our mission is to accelerate the success of innovative companies. While we support that mission through our product, we also co-founded and built a community of over 90,000 entrepreneurs and technology professionals called Traction to take that mission further.

Over the last several years we’ve brought leaders from the fastest growing companies to share advice via weekly webinars, regular dinners and meetups, and an annual conference, with the proceeds benefiting the local communities where we do business.

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Glassdoor Boast Reviews

A Transparent Culture Matters

Read Boast Glassdoor employee reviews, and read employee comments about Boast interviews, salaries, and our CEO.

Perks & Benefits

Remote First and Flexible Work Hours

Team-building and Annual Company Retreats

Career Growth Including Leadership and Innovation

Competitive Salary and Health Benefits

Generous Vacation to Travel or Staycation

Continuous Professional and Personal Growth

"The people-oriented culture alongside the camaraderie and professionalism of my coworkers make it exciting to wake up and get to (tele)work every morning. There is a clear sense of direction, flexibility, and empowerment to help us and our clients become successful. I think that is boast-worthy. "

Our Values


We slow down enough to listen and observe, we are humble enough to learn and change, and we strive to not only know what someone is dealing with but feel and understand it with them.


We are committed in our hearts and minds. We continuously innovate to provide exceptional experiences. We bring our A-game to all interactions. We energize, engage, and inspire others.


We stand by our commitments, we have a sense of honor and we do what we have agreed to as best as we can. We stop at nothing less than the best job we can do.


Great achievements are the result of many. We win together, we lose together. We succeed by bringing our best, setting aside egos, and working with empathy, passion and integrity to do great things together.


We achieve success by enabling the success of others. We focus on metrics over optics, inputs over approvals. and values over profits. We take full ownership of our commitments and empower others to do the same.


We create exceptional experiences for our clients, colleagues, and community. We can’t get there without embodying our values, as well as being open to new ideas and continuously learning and improving.

"Onboarding remote workers can be challenging, yet I've had the smoothest onboarding experience in my entire professional career. The amazing people here make all the difference, everyone is willing to lend a hand and help out."

Open Positions

"If you're looking to join a purpose-driven company with a focus on people over profits, you will not find a better place than Boast.AI. I've known the founders and the team since their early days and can personally vouch for them."


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