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QuickFund: Access Your SR&ED Refund Quarterly to Fund Your Growth

Flexible, Founder-friendly Capital on Your Terms

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Estimate the value of your SR&ED Refund.
Get up to 64% of your R&D spend from the Canadian government as a cash refund.

Access Your SR&ED Refund Up To 12 Months Early So You Can:

  • Re-invest in your business
  • Grow faster
  • Hire sooner
  • Extend your cash runway

Companies that leverage QuickFund grow much faster than their counterparts

Since company B was able to leverage SR&ED Financing to get quarterly advanced funding, they were able to increase their growth rate one year ahead for Company A.


Get started by connecting your data to our platform and AI engine


Our application process takes minutes, not hours


Access non-dilutive funding backed by your SR&ED tax credits


Scale your business on your own terms without hassle

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With our founder-friendly platform, it takes only one to two weeks to get funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any company that expects to receive a SR&ED refund or provincial tax credit is eligible. Funding approval is determined based on several factors ranging from the overall financial health of your company to the strength of your claim.
Yes, we do. Our clients range from pre-revenue startups to companies that have completed a Series A round.
We can fund up to 75% of your SR&ED refund or provincial tax credit.
Our funding application platform makes it easy to apply via our data integrations. Most applications take less than 30 minutes to complete.
Fully completed applications can be approved in less than a week. Funds are typically released in 1-2 business days after an application is approved and confirmed.
Boast’s Quarterly Advanced Refunds offering is subordinated to your other debt obligations and has no financial covenants. It’s similar to a rolling line of credit where the principal and interest is accrued and paid back only once the SR&ED refund hits your bank account.

Benefits of SR&ED Quarterly Advanced Refunds

No need to give up equity, board seats, or PGs
Cash flow to extend your runway before an equity round and to hire talent for growth
Optimize your captial structure (via minimizing cost of capital)
Get enough capital for expenditures
Secure financing options for bargaining leverage

Access Quarterly Advanced Refunds in Days with Boast


Unlike traditional SR&ED Financing models with financial institutions, Boast lends up to 75% of the quarterly accrued R&D expenditures to early stage, pre-revenue, high-growth businesses.

Additionally, Boast can provide this advanced funding as early as three months into the tax year (i.e., more than one year before the SR&ED claim is filed), which can dramatically—and positively—impact the growth trajectory of any business.

This non-dilutive capital extends the cash flow runway and provides the financial flexibility needed to make better decisions about scaling the business. The compounding effect of adding additional sales, marketing, and development resources 12 months early often leads to 1.5x higher valuation over a 24-month period.


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