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Podcast: What The Tech Episode 33: “Symbiotic Partnerships” with Arctech Accelerate

When innovative businesses seek out and receive non-dilutive government funding, they’re getting more than just capital to extend their runway.  By receiving a SR&ED claim, for instance, you're also getting validation from the Canadian government that you’re driving truly unique innovation—a bonafide that can actually make your product more attractive to outside investors. This applies to government grants and funding programs too. If you’re able to successfully pitch your innovation for a defense contract, for instance, you’ve demonstrated that you’re working on a project that shows so much promise that Canada will actually pay to both leverage your innovation exclusively, and keep your valuable work on Canadian soil.  Helping businesses make this case and capture that non-dilutive capital is what drives Tarig Abdellatief, Managing Director of Arctech Accelerate, to work hard every day.  Based out of Ottawa, Tarig’s team sets a national standard for grant and proposal writing, business development and lobbying sector services, representing businesses across software, manufacturing, healthcare, Space Tech, Military, Not-for-Profit and virtually any other sector driving innovation in Canada today.  Tarig utilizes a deep understanding of government programs, policies and protocols to help the founders and entrepreneurs he works with maximize their access to the resources they need to succeed.  He’s put this knowledge to work partnering with Boast and other leaders in the startup ecosystem for a series of recent webinars hosted by Startup Stack, and has been an invaluable resource personally in helping  me understand what it takes to build a successful startup in Canada.  Funding for all stages of R&D Working with Defense Contractors in Canada requires 3 overlapping buckets of knowledge. This includes the technical, engineering expertise, as well as the ability to write compelling grants and experience lobbying. This is what sets Arctech Accelerate apart in a market that is largely defined by large investment banks that can't move with the agility of Tarig's team. The symbiotic relationship between Arctech Accelerate and Boast has acted as a catalyst for innovation in Canada. While Boast can help teams recoup retroactive expenses for research and development, Arctech helps teams capture funding for future projects, making our partnership an organic (and productive) fit. Another challenge that businesses face is misunderstanding funding eligibility. Much of this comes down to a lack of clear documentation or a few missing data points, which may seem like small errors but could make-or-break your access to capital.  That's why it's critical that teams leverage systems of intelligence that combine key project data (alongside investments and outcomes) to ensure they're filing comprehensive reports.  With Boast’s AI-driven platform and expertise in navigating the SR&ED application process, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your R&D tax credit claim, while giving your a single source of truth to understand the true ROI of your R&D.  Stream the full interview on Boast's YouTube page here. Talk to an expert from Boast today to learn more about our proven strategy to help businesses claim higher SR&ED returns, maximize their runway and optimize the value of their research and development.

Podcast: What The Tech Episode 32: “Go Beyond Sustainability” with Daniel Shum of CTK Bio

Why is it important to choose a SR&ED provider with a track record of success—and a history of innovation in their own right? As Daniel Shum explains, finding a true partner for SR&ED pays off in spades, both in terms of cash flow and peace of mind, Daniel is the Chief Operating Officer at CTK Bio, a Canadian cleantech startup that’s researching, developing and manufacturing solutions that combat climate change and environmental pollution. Their technology is a game changer, converting wasted by-products into truly biodegradable and compostable goods that are designed to break down in managed and unmanaged environments. Daniel’s team is very clear in their mission: To ensure that in all processes where ideas meet technology, CTK Bio not only promises success, but strives to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable products. It’s a lofty goal, and Boast has been proud to partner with Daniel and the CTK Bio team to capture the innovation capital their team deserves.  In this episode, we learn more about how Daniel got into the space, the great work the team at CTK Bio is doing, what it’s been like partnering with Boast to tap into R&D tax credits, and plans for the future. Efficiency, expertise and positivity throughout SR&ED claim process While Daniel had been in contact with Boast, he went with a different provider the first year that he completed SR&ED—and regretted it almost immediately.  After paying the price of working with a competitor who did anything but ease the process of filing R&D tax claims, he worked with Boast's in-house SR&ED experts. Not only did Boast understand his technology better, but they crafted a more complete tax claim that maximized the amount of R&D investments they could recoup to plug back into product development. Boast's technical team has been able to act quickly and deliver for Daniel and his team when it came to capturing the R&D tax credits they needed to drive innovation. Just understanding the complexities of the work that is taking place every day at CTK Bio could take "years," as Daniel explains it.  But because Boast's technical experts are technologists in their own right—to say nothing of the years of working with the CRA and IRS directly to intimately understand their judgments—we've been able to deliver positive outcomes for Daniel's team year-after-year. QuickFund from Boast to extend innovation runway Daniel Shum and the team at CTK Bio are one of many Boast customers who leverage our QuickFund program to tap into their end-of-year SR&ED claim before their FY has even wrapped.  With QuickFund from Boast innovative businesses can receive up to 75 percent of the R&D expenditures they’ve accrued in a given quarter. With this early access to their SR&ED refund, teams can actually start embarking on activities that will increase their SR&ED eligibility for the next quarter. By compounding their efforts and investments (as early as three months into the tax year with QuickFund), R&D teams will ultimately be better funded—and by extension, more effective. Daniel Shum from CTK Bio emphasizes how uniquely efficient Boast's technical support team is in support SR&ED claims, without compromising our deep technological expertise.  The result? A white-glove approach to SR&ED claim preparation and defense that goes beyond the tax claim, helping teams unearth new areas for efficiencies and R&D optimization that will pay off in the long run. Watch the full video interview with Daniel on Boast’s YouTube. To learn more about working with Boast to help extend your innovation runway talk to an expert today.

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