What The Tech Episode 20: “Personality Alignment” with Brett Colvin from Goodlawyer

on November 14, 2023
What The Tech Episode 20: “Personality Alignment” with Brett Colvin from Goodlawyer

The legal slings and arrows of startup life can be messy. While founders may have a great idea and even a solid grasp of their market, the actual due diligence that goes into incorporating a business (to say nothing of protecting intellectual property and scaling operations) calls for a legal mind that’s not always a part of the original founding team. 

When Brett Colvin set out to create Goodlawyer, his mission was to empower good lawyers to run better businesses while having the support that Brett experienced in the corporate world, but without putting a steep cost burden on founders. 

Goodlawyer is a platform designed to give high-growth scaleups and mid-market companies an alternative to the traditional corporate law firm with a smarter, faster and more cost-effective way to address their operational legal needs. 

Goodlawyer’s Fractional General Counsel is the only outsourced general counsel service that gives executive teams a dedicated legal partner to proactively manage legal tasks and risks before issues arise, while also providing on-demand, limited-scope and project-specific legal services.

It allows individuals to pursue careers that are meaningful and rewarding to them, while solving an acute problem within the startup space. 

Brett and his team are also a fantastic Boast partner, as we leverage their expertise while sharing a passion for the startup and scaleup communities across Calgary—where Brett is based—and the entire Canadian ecosystem.

Tune in to hear how Brett got into the startup space, the genesis of Goodlawyer, and what’s on his roadmap for the rest of 2023!

Goal from Day 1: Empower Good Lawyers

Brett Colvin from Goodlawyer discusses the company’s genesis, and how his goals have remained centered around empowering good lawyers to run better businesses since Day 1.

Brett Colvin from Goodlawyer discusses his journey out of the corporate world and into the startup space, emphasizing how being an “ideas guy” can be an asset—despite what bosses may tell you.

Brett Colvin, CEO and Co-founder of Goodlawyer, discusses why he’s “long for Calgary” and excited about the startup ecosystem coming out of Alberta.

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