What The Tech? Bonus Episode: 2023 R&D Trends & Insights Report, Explained

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Welcome to a very special bonus episode of What The Tech from Boast AI!

We’re unpacking the findings from Boast AI’s 2023 R&D Trends & Insights Report, which surveyed more than 250 business leaders from across North America to gauge how they’re fueling their product roadmap, the most prevalent tools being used to track R&D and the biggest obstacles for innovation leaders. 

This conversation was originally featured as part of Boast AI’s weekly InnovatorsLive series on LinkedIn, where experts from across our team share their thoughts and experiences to help founders and entrepreneurs along their innovation journey.

My colleague and co-host Asad Ali flips the script by putting me (Paul Davenport) in the hot seat for this week’s episode. Before diving in, however, be sure to download your copy of Boast AI’s 2023 R&D Trends & Insights Report!

I hope you enjoy the show and stay tuned for next week’s regularly scheduled episode of What The Tech featuring innovators from across North America’s tech ecosystem!

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