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What The Tech? Episode 12: “Make Data Accessible” with Josh Gray from Artemis

What The Tech? Episode 12: “Make Data Accessible” with Josh Gray from Artemis
on September 26, 2023
What The Tech? Episode 12: “Make Data Accessible” with Josh Gray from Artemis

Data sits at the heart of virtually every modern business, whether you’re in traditional retail or SaaS. In fact, “data is the new oil,” as Artemis Co-Founder and CEO Josh Gray puts it.

But with data infrastructures being characteristically fluid and constantly evolving, gaining access to the information you need to execute on business-critical tasks can be a moving target. 

This problem is the crux of what Josh the team at Artemis are looking to solve. 

Having founded successful startups in the past—working on everything from financials to engineering—Josh and his cofounder Will know all too well how hard it can be to access the data you need to answer the most important questions related to  your business. 

Artemis helps businesses operationalize data in marketing, sales, finance, engineering, revenue, and operations. It’s a tall order, but his team and technology ultimately empowers data analysts to work with data faster, by providing a low-code editor where they can visually explore, build and automate data cleanup using pre-built logic they can drag and drop onto a canvas.

Along with creating a powerful business intelligence solution, Josh and his team are also amazing networkers, and met up with us briefly during Startupfest and FounderFuel Demo Day back in July.

In this episode of What The Tech, we discuss how—as Josh puts it—”every startup is essentially an R&D department,” and how his team puts “driving business value” at the center of their product roadmap. 
From breaking down the future of data (it’s not about storage!) to tips for founders navigating the 2023 startup scene—and even his great experience working with our pals at FounderFuel—this is a can’t-miss episode for any founder looking to grow.

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