What The Tech Episode 13: “Fix the main, key issue” with Taylor from Quack

on October 3, 2023

For many founders, their first taste of what it takes to run a successful business doesn’t start in a lab or dev shop. For founders like Quack’s Taylor Del Guidice, getting going in the startup world begins with actually listening to (if not experiencing) acute business challenges firsthand.

Perhaps there is no better place to get this perspective than working as a Sales Development Rep (SDR). While it’s not the most sought-after role in the business world, making sales calls and talking to stakeholders across the market landscape is an amazing way to get a firsthand look at how business momentum can grind to a halt. 

In Taylor’s experience as an SDR, there were simply not enough hours in the day to make all the calls on his docket and reach his ICP. Worse, there was a ballooning market of tools designed to help SDRs be more effective that were by and large failing to address the heart of the matter, while only clogging up the IT tech stack. 

In this episode of What The Tech, Taylor hops on the mic to explain how his team got started by focusing on fixing that “main, key issue” that’s at the heart of the problem; in this case, helping SDRs at emerging tech companies expand their reach without exhausting their resources—or overloading their toolkit.

Quack is a prospecting platform that makes cold calling easy for sales teams. Their platform enables users to call multiple prospects simultaneously, empowering reps to speak to 2-3x more prospects per call block, while syncing seamlessly with leading sales engagement tools.

It’s a great model that I know the team at Boast is testing out ourselves. But there’s also fantastic people at the center of the business, as Taylor has caught up with our team at Collision, FounderFuel Demo Day and Startupfest over the past two months, and we’ve had a blast each time.

Listen to Taylor’s take on what a busy summer it’s been for the Quack team, his experience working in the startup ecosystem, and what’s on the roadmap for Quack heading into 2024.

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