What The Tech Episode 15: “Stealthy Innovation” with TinyRex Games

What The Tech Episode 15: “Stealthy Innovation” with TinyRex Games

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With years of experience working for some of the biggest gaming studios in the world, the team at TinyRex are ready to deliver a new take on the narrative-driven idle game. 

On this episode of What The Tech, we’re thrilled to be joined by Ella Harris and Kenny Huang, Co-Founders of TinyRex. This tiny team packs a huge punch, as they bring years of commercial success in the video game and social casino industry to their mission: Create mobile gaming content with partners around the world, and, as Kenny puts it, “craft small, cozy games that our players will love.”

Delivering a sense of peace with innovative mobile gaming

While the games may feel small and cozy, there is some serious innovation happening here, as the team created their own idle-merge framework by blending the static nature of idles games with the dynamic experience of merge games. This led to the launch of their debut game, Wizard of Oz: Idle Merge, which achieved a combined 4.8 star rating on the app store!

And by partnering with the team at Boast, who shares a wealth of experience in the gaming field (as well as a love for Jurassic Park), they were able to access non-dilutive capital to help drive their innovation.

Why SR&ED is a whole different beast

It’s quite a story, so joining the show to help tell how this innovation was translated into meaningful capital is Boast AI’s own Technical Solutions Manager, Aliya Amershi.

Aliya worked with Ella and Kenny to realize the true potential of their R&D and capitalize on the non-dilutive funding offered through Canada’s SR&ED program, helping fuel their runway and make their vision a reality.

We talk everything from how the brand was named, the stealthy innovation taking place in the gaming world, their success to date, and what’s on deck for the next year.

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