What The Tech Episode 16: “You Gotta Have Grit” with Erik Simins of Workwolf

What The Tech Episode 16: “You Gotta Have Grit” with Erik Simins of Workwolf

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Erik Simins and the team at Workwolf are breaking down the silos that have for too long separated recruiters, talent and sources of background verification to better match the right candidates with the right opportunities. 

By leveraging cutting edge technologies, Workwolf combines both static and dynamic background information to create a more accurate, active and verifiable resume. The result is a profile that is tamper proof, while leveraging the latest information and credentials on a candidate to deliver a true picture of their capabilities. 

It switches the “center of gravity” to the job seeker or professional, and brings a new toolkit to the recruiting process that will benefit both employers and job seekers in the long run. 

The big problem with resumes

We’re thrilled to welcome Erik Simins to the show, who is the CEO and CO-Founder of Workwolf and is a force in the Toronto startup scene.

At Workwolf, Erik’s team has developed a hiring software that finds, screens, and validates quality candidates better than humans can. Using proprietary technology to screen and verify backgrounds, the platform automates the recruitment process, bringing unmatched efficiencies to the employment market.

Creating a network of veracity

But Erik has been driving innovation in Canada for more than a decade, having founded his first 8-figure company in 2011 with the healthcare staffing firm MAGNUS, which has since partnered with the Canadian government and hundreds of customers across North America.

It’s safe to say that Erik not only understands the tech and talent ecosystem in Canada, but has played a hand in steering it over the course of his career.

I’ll leave it to Erik to share the details and give his take on the state of startups, what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur and the incredible work that has gone into building his businesses.

You can check out the full video interview on Boast’s YouTube Channel here, where we also feature new conversations with other founders and Boast partners each week.

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