What The Tech Episode 17: “One Stop Shop” with Athiya of SnapWrite

on October 31, 2023
What The Tech Episode 17: “One Stop Shop” with Athiya of SnapWrite

The world of retail is constantly evolving, as omnichannel shopping trends continue to make customer engagement a moving target.

While this can be frustrating for retailers themselves, who must constantly be rethinking tried-and-true strategies to bring in new customers and move stock, it’s become a bit confusing for shoppers too. 

This is especially true when it comes to pre-loved items and shoppers who relish discovering second-hand gems. In a world where in-person shopping is no longer the default mode for finding either new or used items, ensuring the quality and legitimacy of products can often just come down to trust. 

Athiya Rastogi and the team at SnapWrite know this struggle firsthand, having wasted many hours on the consumer-side trying to track down items the old-fashioned way. After one too many trips to brick-and-mortar stores that only had her leaving empty-handed, Athiya started work on a solution that could give retailers a better means to engage with shoppers, and consumers peace-of-mind before leaving their browser.

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The result? SnapWrite, which is an image-to-text platform for retailers that automates product digitization and SEO to help optimize product discoverability, increase revenue streams and ultimately create greater resale potential. It’s a silver bullet for original brands and resellers alike who are navigating a crowded omnichannel market.

Think of the platform almost as a means for assigning specific products a “passport” that actively holds the latest details on the product and travels with it across the various stores and shoppers who call it theirs.

Along with enabling store owners to assign a digital identity to their goods, the SnapWrite platform is literally a one-stop shop for all the tools a retailer needs to launch their digital operation.

In this episode of What The Tech, Athiya shares the unique innovation behind the work they’re doing at SnapWrite, how her team leveraged grants and accelerator programs (shoutout to our friends at FounderFuel, who welcomed SnapWrite into their 2023 cohort!) and advice for ambitious entrepreneurs navigating today’s markets and into the future.

Catch the full video edition of the episode on Boast’s YouTube channel here.

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