What The Tech Episode 43: “Collaborative Commerce” with Daryl Hatton of ConnectionPoint

on April 22, 2024

Crowdfunding plays a critical role in modern society, helping people drive creativity and innovation, support social causes and even provide healthcare to individuals and their families—including pets.

But not all digital fundraising platforms are created equal. In fact, many fundraising solutions put barriers between users on both sides of the crowdfunding equation that actually limits how much control they have over funds raised—to say nothing of the capability for users to build community around their cause. 

That’s where the team at ConnectionPoint comes in, providing a suite of Federated Fundraising platforms that take out the unnecessary middle men and encourage individuals and organizations to take full ownership of their fundraising journeys

We welcome ConnectionPoint Founder and CEO Daryl Hatton onto the show to discuss how his team has built the next-generation technology helping organizations, businesses, and individuals create a positive impact in the world through collaborative fundraising. Their solutions ease the process of crowdfunding to be more engaging and socially integrated, offering a rare balance of powerful crowdfunding paired with affordability and effortless usability. 

Funding positive outcomes during any economy

Building this innovative solution has called on Daryl’s impressive experience within the crowdfunding, tech and startup communities. He continues to be an active advisor and partner for an array of innovative social funding and commerce initiatives, and he knows firsthand what it takes to build a successful business by tapping into a wealth of non-dilutive resources.

This includes partnering with Boast to help finance the development of his solution during the height of the pandemic, when venture capital toward philanthropic missions had largely dried up. By leveraging our Quickfund program to advance his SR&ED funding on a quarterly basis as opposed to EOY, for instance, Daryl could keep driving positive outcomes and re-fuel his R&D, ultimately stretching his project development event further. 

Darryl explains in this episode how Boast helped him retain ownership and not have to compromise in creating the “collaborative commerce” platform that today has helped raise more than $275 million across 200,000 campaigns. 

Using QuickFund from Boast to weather the worst

As Daryl explains, the funding landscape in Vancouver—and really across Canada—is significantly more generous compared to what’s on offer in the United States. 

But tapping into the wealth of innovation funding that’s available in the Canadian ecosystem still hinges on having partners who can help navigate the hurdles that are inherent to government-backed financing. 

That’s because as generous as programs like SR&ED tax credits are, it takes a combination of both technological and tax expertise to craft a narrative that fully delivers. 

Daryl and the ConnectionPoint team are the perfect example of what it means to be a team player in the innovation ecosystem, both in Canada and across the Globe. By helping him build a solution that allows other creators to give their team lift, we’re able to share in the pride Daryl feels every day funding innovation and world-changing ideas.

Check out the full interview with Daryl on Boast’s YouTube here.


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