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3 Survival Hacks: Riding Out a VC Funding Downturn

3 Survival Hacks: Riding Out a VC Funding Downturn
on March 15, 2024
3 Survival Hacks

As you know, the last 2.5 years have seen a sharp decline in VC funding due to economic challenges and shifting valuations. Amidst this uncertainty and without an immediate rebound in view, founders need to pivot their focus to alternative financing options.

Join a conversation about how you can strategically optimize your product development strategy to tap into a wealth of non-dilutive funding sources that enables you to double-down on growth while extending your runway.

Chikei Yeung, capital strategist at Boast, will lead this discussion on March 19th and do a deep dive into:

  1. Funding options to expand your product innovation and talent acquisition
  2. Alternative investment options and how they best fit with your company’s lifecycle
  3. Using R&D tax credits strategically to extend your runway


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