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Faster, automated and defined processes

Our clients save 5X the time spent by automating data collection, analysis, and report writing.

Larger, more accurate claims 

Our tax experts leverage software to automate data collections and analysis leading to larger more accurate claims. 

Backed by R&D tax experts

With 1,000s of customers  our team of experts has the experience necessary to prepare and defend your next R&D Tax claim.

Automated audit compliance 

We’ll defend you in R&D audits. Plus, we compile detailed audit docs from your systems by combining tickets, timestamps, and expenses.

Boast Helps you Maximize Claims and Innovate Faster

Our software integrates your financial, engineering, and project data to increase the speed, accuracy, and size of eligible tax incentives.

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SR&ED Readiness Toolkit

Ultimate Guide to Claiming SR&ED - Learn everything there is to know and more to recover $20k-$1M dollars worth of SR&ED tax credits.

Whats in the Toolkit?

SR&ED Infographic - We know that this program can seem complicated for first-time claimers so we simplify it into an easy-to-read infographic

SR&ED Documentation Best Practices - Learn proven methods to document your R&D process and ensure you are ready to file your SR&ED claims.

SR&ED Calculator - Calculators to quickly estimate the value of your claim.

Customer Success Stories - How Neo Financial and Nexus Robotics leverage Boast to make SR&ED easy fast and get access to funds faster.

and much more...