R&D Tax Credits. No stress. Save time.

Get back what you deserve from your product development costs.

Boast is the only R&D tax credit solution that combines AI with in-house technical and tax expertise to maximize your credits and simplify filing. 

That’s why more than 1,500 companies choose Boast for higher R&D tax credit claim returns. We’ve claimed over $400M+ for them!

Higher R&D tax credit claims, less effort.

Together, we’re here to make sure you get every penny you deserve from the R&D and product development costs you already incur. No manual work from your end!

Always Available. Always Human. Always Experts

Boast’s dedicated team of experts will walk you through every step of the R&D tax credit process, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit for your innovative work—all with audit protection guaranteed.

Streamlined Process to Access Your R&D Tax Credit

Rippling and Boast work together to ensure you have a seamless experience. We’ve made it easier than ever to claim and use your R&D tax credits with our technology integration.


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"Boast enabled our executive team to focus on building our business instead of chasing R&D tax credits. They saved us countless hours of pain, guiding us through the process and putting together our report. Highly recommend every tech CEO take a close look."


You’re investing in innovation—you should claim everything that qualifies to help you fund more innovation. Boast brings a complete solution to maximize your tax incentive claims and eliminate the difficulty and mystery of traditional offerings. Claim your part of the billions of dollars offered each year in government tax incentives.

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The Boast Advantage


Thousands of claims

60 h

Hours saved each year during your claim process

15 %

Larger claims with Boast’s AI and with payroll, project, and finance integrations

Automated R&D for Startups

  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Jira
  • Github

The Boast platform gathers data from your technical and financial systems to identify and categorize eligible projects, time, and expenses—estimating along the way instead of only at the end—and getting you more money, faster, for less time, and risk.

  • Time Tracking
  • Cash
  • Audit Evidence
  • Tax Forms


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