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About: SR&ED
About: SR&ED
About: SR&ED

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Boast helps you drive Canadian innovation by seamlessly maximizing your access to Canada’s premier R&D funding program, SR&ED.

What is SR&ED?

Perhaps no other funding program gets as much attention as The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit—and for good reason, as it helps CCPCs recoup a share of their innovation investments.

SR&ED is a federal innovation tax incentive program administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada.

SR&ED allows companies to claim upwards of 64% of their R&D expenditures as a tax rebate, helping CCPCs gain greater ROI on costs for innovation.

Accessing funding hasn’t always been easy

Tax credits are critical to accelerate innovation. But you need a partner who can help you access R&D claim dollars earlier, grow your claim size, and increase your claim accuracy.

Boast brings decades of experience and the latest technology together with experts who know your industry to offer the Boast advantage.


Successful SR&ED claims made and counting


Companies use Boast to get larger returns, faster


In innovation funding accessed by our clients

Who is eligible?

Canadian businesses of all sizes and sectors that conduct eligible R&D work in Canada
Eligible work must involve technical advancements through systematic investigation or solving technological obstacles

Common eligible industries for the R&D tax credit include:

About: SR&ED

Software & Gaming

Boast specializes in software and gaming claims. We know what qualifies, and how to get the most from your R&D investments.

About: SR&ED

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing R&D is unique. Maximize your claim with Boast experts who understand how to claim manufacturing R&D the right way.

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Biomedical & Life Sciences

Detailed documentation for biomedical and life science claims are required. Fortunately, Boast works with you to capture eligible work from your detailed records.

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Boast experts help maximize energy claims based on your detailed R&D project, financial, and payroll records.

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Computer Manufacturing

The computer manufacturing industry has been one of the most important and innovative industries.

About: SR&ED

Medical Devices

Medical devices are products that may assist with the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, or prevention of disease or other ailments.

About: SR&ED

Telecommunication Networking

The Telecommunication Network R&D Tax Credit is a federal tax credit available to businesses engaged in research and development activities related to telecommunication networks.

About: SR&ED

Cell Phone Network

The Cell Phone Network R&D Tax Credit is available to companies that develop and deploy new or improved cell phone networks, including those that use new technologies, such as 4G and 5G.

About: SR&ED

Video Game Software Publishing

The Video Game Development Tax Credit (VGDTC) provides a refundable tax credit to Canadian-controlled corporations developing video games that are considered cultural products.

Examples of eligible R&D work:

About: SR&ED
About: SR&ED

Experimental development to create new/improved products, processes, etc.

About: SR&ED
About: SR&ED

Applied research to advance scientific knowledge with a specific application

About: SR&ED
About: SR&ED

Basic research to make scientific or technological advancements

About: SR&ED
About: SR&ED

Support work
directly related to the above categories?

Boast: Your Innovative SR&ED Provider

Maximized SR&ED Claim

More than 1,500 companies leverage Boast to get larger returns, faster, with less work.

Minimal Time Commitment

The SR&ED process has been slow and painful for decades. Boast’s automation and expertise saves you up to 60 hours of claim prep.

Effortless Audit Response

In-house experts prepare and validate your claim with a 98% success rate. You can relax with the Boast AuditShield™ guarantee.


With Boast QuickFund™, access your SR&ED refund up to 12 months early

Use your advanced funding to re-invest in your business, grow faster, hire sooner, and extend your cash runway.

About: SR&ED


Get up to 75% of your SR&ED expenses throughout the year. Access $25K to $1M in quarterly advances.

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Flexible duration with no monthly payments. Draw as needed and accrue interest on only what is drawn.

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2 weeks

Transparent application with funding in less than 2 weeks

The Boast Advantage

R&D Time Allocation and Insights


Saved each year during your claim process

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More accurate claims with Boast automation

About: SR&ED

Faster access to SR&ED tax credits with Boast QuickFund™

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Larger claims with Boast AI and with payroll, project, and finance integrations


What customers say about Boast

“SR&ED funding is so important to us. Even investors that we speak to, we tell them that if you give us a dollar, we’ll stretch it further with SR&ED funding […] It’s become such an important part of our business, and Boast has helped us tap into it easier and earlier than anyone else.”

About: SR&ED

Kris McCarthy

Co-founder, FanSaves

“Boast has been such a positive experience from the beginning to the end […] Our first year, filing for SR&ED, we didn’t go with Boast and we immediately regretted it. Then we switched to Boast, and every year, the feedback from both my finance and technical teams have been great, and the process is just so seamless with you all.”

About: SR&ED

Daniel Shum


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