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Are you ready to supercharge your company’s growth? Justworks and Boast have joined forces to bring you an incredible opportunity to unlock valuable R&D tax credits that you may not even know you’re entitled to.


At Justworks, we understand the unique challenges of running an innovative company. That’s why we’ve partnered with Boast, a fintech company that automates the process of claiming R&D tax credit and is a leader in R&D tax credit solutions.

Boast has helped 1,000+ companies claim over $400M+ in R&D credits. See if you can claim it, too!

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Your Trusted Partners in Innovation

Together, we’re here to make sure you get every penny
you deserve from the R&D costs you already incur.
Why Justworks partners up with Boast:

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1. The Power of Collaboration

Together, we’re here to make sure you get every penny
you deserve from the R&D costs you already incur.

2. Always Available. Always Human.
Always Experts

Boast’s dedicated team of experts will walk you through
every step of the R&D tax credit process, ensuring that
you receive the maximum benefit for your innovative
work—all with audit protection guaranteed.

3. Streamlined Process to Access Your
R&D Tax Credit

Justworks and Boast work together to ensure you have
a seamless experience. We’ve made it easier than ever
to claim and use your R&D tax credits with our
cutting-edge technology integration so you won’t have
to lift a finger!

The Benefits of R&D Tax Credits

Are you leaving money on the table? R&D tax credits can significantly reduce your tax liability and
fuel innovation. Use the extra funds for research, development, hiring, or other business needs.
The Boast calculator below can quickly estimate how much funding you can potentially
get back from your R&D and product-development-related costs.

Automated R&D for Startups

  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Jira
  • Github

The Boast platform gathers data from your technical and financial systems to identify and categorize eligible projects, time, and expenses—estimating along the way instead of only at the end—and getting you more money, faster, for less time, and risk.

  • Time Tracking
  • Cash
  • Audit Evidence
  • Tax Forms

Grow Your Business with Confidence

Don’t miss out on the financial opportunities waiting for your tech business.
Let’s unlock the full potential of your R&D.


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