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What The Tech Episode 35: “Natural Partnership” with Jason Terry of General Ledger

What The Tech Episode 35: “Natural Partnership” with Jason Terry of General Ledger
on February 21, 2024
Jason Terry WTT

Getting the best return on your R&D tax credit claim calls for expertise in both deep tech and IRS legalese—two areas that rarely overlap. 

That’s why when Jason Terry and the team at General Ledger Partners work with startups to maximize their potential through consultative accounting, they turn to the team at Boast to bridge this knowledge divide and maximize R&D tax credit returns. 

As a Certified Public Accountant, Jason has more than 15 years in the finance and accounting space, having successfully worked for public, private, and not-for-profit entities with annual revenues ranging from $6M to over $600M.

At General Ledger Partners, Jason and his team offer bookkeeping, general ledger cleanup, and financial consulting services to small businesses and startups, managing the accounting function to maximize their company’s potential. It’s a mission our team at Boast knows well and shares, as we have worked with Jason to help innovative clients capture R&D tax credits to recoup a portion of their R&D spend and help extend their product runway. 

I’m thrilled to have Jason on to discuss his work in the startup space, the genesis of General Ledger Partners, and the challenges their customers face, as well as what his experience has been wrangling R&D tax credits, working with Boast and supporting customers with a successful capital strategy. 

Great win to the customer

When Jason Terry and the team at General Ledger are working with their startup clients to map out capital strategies that ultimately fuel growth, innovation capital in the form of R&D tax credits have become a natural step in the process that’s been streamlined through Jason’s partnership with Boast.

In the three years that Jason Terry has been working with Boast to help his customers capture R&D tax credits in the United States, we’ve amplified our tech capabilities while simplifying the data collection process for customers. 

Now, teams can seamlessly sync their payroll, workflow and financial data into a singe ‘system of intelligence’ to actively understand their tax credit eligibility and streamline the claims process. 

Stream the full interview with Jason Terry on Boast’s YouTube channel here.


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