Launched: 2024 State of R&D Benchmarks Survey is LIVE!

on January 12, 2024
State of R&D Benchmarks

Over the course of 2023, businesses across the globe were dealt challenges from almost every angle. From geopolitics to lending markets, conditions were rocky for startups and enterprises alike.

In our annual State of R&D Benchmarks Survey, Boast is aiming to learn more about how businesses navigated through the past calendar year, with a specific focus on the role R&D played in driving innovation in the face of economic uncertainty.

By participating in the 2024 edition of our State of R&D Benchmarks Survey, you’ll be doing more than just helping us analyze how tactics have evolved from 2022-2023. You’ll also help us provide the larger business community with tactics to optimize their R&D and maximize their output, regardless of what the next year has in store. 

Check out the findings from last year’s survey in our inaugural 2023 R&D Trends & Insights Report before taking less than 10 minutes to help us compile findings for the 2024 edition. 

The survey dives into: 

  • The expected ROI of R&D investments
  • Best practices and opportunities for improvement
  • Funding strategies for R&D
  • A breakdown of team commitments
  • R&D management best practices

Take 2024 State of R&D Benchmarks Survey

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and the results will be released in March 2024. The survey is anonymous, and all data will be kept strictly confidential and reported on an aggregate level.

To learn more about how businesses can tap into non-dilutive funding to extend their R&D runway, talk to an expert from the Boast team today.


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