What The Tech Episode 11: “Solve Big, Hairy Problems” with Dallas from Forum Ventures

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Building great businesses calls for broadening your horizons. For Dallas Price, this literally means embracing the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle and seeing the sunrise from across the globe.

As a Venture Builder at Forum Ventures—as well as being a member of the Growth Team at FV’s new Venture Studio—Dallas has seen and learned a lot about what it takes to build a successful business.

And he’s hoping to see and learn even more. 

As he’s traveled from the Plains of Canada down to South America and many locales in between—including a recent stint in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we caught up with Dallas for this interview—he’s gotten a taste for the different ecosystems and opportunities for founders looking to launch.

In this episode of What The Tech, Dallas joins us to discuss what he’s seen in his travels this year and what his team at Forum Ventures has in store for the rest of 2023 and beyond. 

This includes helping launch Caden AI, the first of many great startups that the Venture Studio is embarking on over the next year in the hopes of harnessing the interest and promise of true innovation that machine learning holds. 

While it may seem like AI is everywhere, many of the most exciting applications have yet to come to market. It’s Dallas and his team’s mission to find these new applications, harness some winning ideas, and match them with founders and teams who will turn these pieces into successful business. 

Dallas discusses this latest venture, what he’s learned on the road, and even offers advice for new founders and entrepreneurs who may be wary about exploring the startup space—as well as dispelling some misconceptions on the current state of VCs.

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Dallas Price from Forum Ventures discusses the key role non-dilutive funding plays in helping startups map a successful capital strategy as well as engaging with venture capital and private equity partners.
Dallas Price from Forum Ventures discusses how his team scopes out partnerships with key players in the tech and startup ecosystem across North America.
Dallas Price from Forum Ventures discusses the benefits of remote work and how it levels the playing field when attracting in-demand talent while making workers more agile.

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