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What The Tech Episode 18: “Passion to weather the storm” with Elizabeth Miner

What The Tech Episode 18: “Passion to weather the storm” with Elizabeth Miner
on November 2, 2023
What The Tech Episode 18: “Passion to weather the storm” with Elizabeth Miner

While fashion and beauty aren’t always considered industries on the cutting edge of innovation and new technologies, there are some amazing founders in the space who are causing a transformation. 

In that same vein, Boston hasn’t always been considered a leading fashion destination. While the tech scene in town is among the world’s most robust, what the city is known to lack in fashion prowess it more than makes up for in driving global tech innovation.

At Boston Beauty Coalition, Elizabeth Miner is looking to change both perceptions, helping local founders in the fashion space bring innovative new products to market while raising Boston’s profile in the fashion world by leveraging the city’s stature as a tech leader. 

Elizabeth is an Executive Coach, Speaker, Author and Community Builder, working with both groups and individuals around the world to create pathways and develop actionable plans to make anything her clients dream a reality. 

With a background in the legal space working in specialties from Supreme Court litigation to multinational corporations, Elizabeth changed course roughly 15 years ago to work with entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. Among the projects she’s helping spearhead today is the Boston Beauty Coalition, a community of fashion entrepreneurs based here in the Hub that helps beauty startups access the resources and community they need to scale their growth.

I’m thrilled to finally have a local friend on the show, and can’t wait to hear Elizabeth’s take on both the local and global startup ecosystem, the unique challenges of working in fashion, the innovation she sees every day, and her plans for the future!

Check out the full interview on Boast AI’s Youtube Channel, and if you’re in Boston on November 8 2023, join the Boast Team for a CXO Mixer featuring founders, investors and stakeholders across the local and global tech ecosystem.


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