What The Tech Episode 21: “Harness cross-functional skills” with Weston Baker of Morphic

on November 21, 2023

As with many of the most interesting founders we work with at Boast, Weston Baker’s path into the startup space was a bit of an unexpected journey. 

Ever since he was a little kid, he loved design, with dreams of modeling cars for Ferrari and shoes for Nike. But his passion was about more than just aesthetics. Weston loved the problem solving that came with creating functional designs, which led him to pursue architecture school. 

While he started his career as a very successful architect—having designed the tallest buildings in Singapore when he was only 23—he honed those design skills and his natural ability to be a problem solver to found Morphic. Now, he leverages cutting edge technology to arm brands with digital real estate that they can be proud of. 

Problem solving with design

At Morphic, Weston has created a no-code SaaS platform that empowers businesses to create their own high-quality websites. The solution uses an advanced design logic with integrated best practices and instant brand application to create pages that can be easily edited and managed using the integrated CMS, Site Editor and Asset Library.

Along with being a founder in his own right, however, Weston has extensive experience partnering and mentoring startups, tech giants, VCs, PE firms, real estate companies, fashion houses and brands throughout his career.

His startup studio, 15 Finches, has worked with dozens of successful founders in various industries and with different business models to help find product market fit, consult and design product, rebrand and propel growth at various stages.

Don’t have to be a domain expert to maximize R&D tax credits

Weston is also an amazing Boast partner, and he shares how he had “never even thought about R&D tax credits” until he had worked with Boast. Rather than having to become a domain expert in the tax space, Boast clued Weston into the cash he was leaving on the table without forcing him to focus on creating his own claim. 

Weston has a wealth of experience in the field, and he shares what’s next for Morphic, his journey within the startup space to date, and his take on what the future has in store for the startup community.

As Weston Baker explains it, despite a rush of no-code builders, users often find that no-code doesn’t mean DIY for what they need, especially where design is involved. Instead, Morphic helps teams land on designs that they can be proud of, rather than just the plug-and-play templates that have become common across the internet.

Watch the full episode of Walker’s What The Tech podcast appearance on Boast’s Youtube Channel here.

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