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What The Tech Episode 24: “The only barriers are systemic” with Natalie Duncan of Bug Mars

What The Tech Episode 24: “The only barriers are systemic” with Natalie Duncan of Bug Mars
on December 5, 2023
Natalie Duncan Bug Mars

There are many challenges facing society (and humanity in general) that can seem insurmountable. From continued—and growing—wealth disparities to the consequences of a warming planet, solving many of these issues is going to call for major, systemic change.

Driving this change won’t be the corporate giants of today, however, but startups, and visionary founders who aren’t afraid to hold on tight to their convictions. 

This includes founders like Natalie Duncan, who believes that a brighter future hinges not just on visionary entrepreneurs, but also an unexpected key ingredient: Bugs.

Natalie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bug Mars, where her team is developing a smart, scalable and automated insect farming solution that uses computer vision and machine learning to increase yield and profitability of insect farms for food, feed, and organic waste reduction.

Bug Mars is unique not just because they’re building AI software for alternative protein (that is, insects), but because their mission is to find ways to feed humans and livestock better, and more sustainably. 

It’s an incredible mission that encompasses a lot of really big stuff, impacting future generations, food security, and of course our climate.

It’s also an example of yet another Boast client that’s capturing non-dilutive funding to fuel their innovation and amplify their R&D.

“Nobody else that we’ve talked to [for SR&ED] has a platform to track work and make record keeping easier by integrating with tools we already use.”

Natalie Duncan says of joining the Boast community as a client. 

In this episode, Natalie discusses her path into the startup space, having first embarked on an education in the fine arts before following her passion into the world of sustainability. She shares her journey, leveraging accelerator partners and grant programs to fuel her team’s innovation before eventually partnering with Boast to help their team tap into SR&ED.

It’s a great conversation with a lot of valuable takeaways for founders looking to drive meaningful change, despite the many systemic barriers that often stifle meaningful innovation. 

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