What The Tech Episode 25: “The Best Job in the World” with Luba Lesiva

on December 13, 2023
Luba Lesiva Podcast

Is it really more challenging to fund your startup today than ever before? 

While there are certainly headwinds in today’s economy that are unique to past cycles, “it’s never been easy raise money,” as Luba Lesiva, Founder and CEO of L4C explains in the latest episode of What The Tech

At L4C, Luba and her team’s focus is on helping early stage tech companies “get out of the weeds” of fundraising and investor management, offering a hand to help founders survive the circus of fundraising and cap table management.

Luba is also a Founding Partner at Palumni VC, a network of more than 900 operators, founders, and angels investing in startups founded and led by Palantir alums. They work with founders at the earliest stage of company creation, pairing them with the right support and advice for every step of the long founder’s journey, with a portfolio that includes includes Adyton, AngelList, Kairos, Kolena, Kurtosis, Little Otter, Metaview, and Mural.

Needless to say, Luba has the skills, network and experience it takes to navigate business challenges at all levels, and is a huge asset to founders across the globe. Her substack alone is a one-stop-shop for digestible advice for founders, and I can’t wait to her her story and take on what it takes to build a business in 2023. 

It’s never been easy to raise money

Luba discusses how fundraising has always been a challenge for startups, and how despite doom-and-gloom headlines around the state of VCs and capital markets, strong and effective solutions can still find a path to funding in a challenging economy.

Lubua unpacks how her unique background within the startup and tech community has led her to have the “best job in the world,” helping startups and founders realize their vision and capture the resources they need to succeed.

Luba explains how at Palantir, they focus on a human-and-technology symbiosis that captures the strengths of human skillsets while recognizing human limitations, and identifying where technology can amplify our work.

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About: What The Tech Episode 25: “The Best Job in the World” with Luba Lesiva

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