What The Tech Episode 26: “Just Do The Thing” with Tarra Stubbins

on December 20, 2023
Tarra Stubbins Podcast

Even the most ambitious entrepreneurs (or rock stars and actors) can struggle with just “doing the thing.” But in Tarra Stubbins’ experience working with business leaders, movie stars and founders of all stripes, she’s found that the most successful leaders all have no qualms about taking action.

On this episode of What The Tech, we welcome Tarra Stubbins, founder of Take It Easy Group. Take It Easy is aiming to help seed and series A companies scale for success by helping them “Quit The Cult of Busy.” Her team of talented Executive Business Partners can help new founders and CEOs develop methods and efficiencies that will propel them to rocketship success—and Tarra has the track record to prove it!

Having been a personal assistant for more than 20 years for some of the biggest names in business and entertainment, Tarra has taken the skills she learned out on the road and puts them to use helping her clients eliminate their To-Do lists on a daily basis.

And while Take It Easy leverages AI to help founders strategize for sustainable success, it’s the work of human fractional assistants that sets Take It Easy apart as a true partner to founders driving innovation. 

Needless to say, Tarra knows first hand what it takes to help founders navigate the choppy waters of the startup world without losing their cool, and we pick her brain on how she found Take It Easy Group, her strategies for new startups and her take on the ecosystem heading into 2024.

Successful leaders just “do the thing”

Taking action is hard—whether you’re a startup founder or an arena headliner. But in Tarra’s years as an assistant across sectors, all of the most successful entrepreneurs didn’t second guess themselves or show apprehension when it came to taking action.

Strategic thought leadership is one realm where AI still falls short of human expertise—at least when it comes to providing meaningful assistance and guidance to help founders succeed. 

Tarra likens it to the doom-and-gloom that originally surrounded Amazon, which helped evolve the world of retail rather than destroy brick-and-mortar as we know it.

While virtual assistants are fantastic for helping delegate tasks, Take It Easy is a fractional assistant that goes deeper by helping entrepreneurs prioritize and take on tasks that will have the most impact, offering true support as a practical assistant.

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