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What The Tech Episode 27: “Healing the System” with Caroline Arzoo of OmniSync

What The Tech Episode 27: “Healing the System” with Caroline Arzoo of OmniSync
on January 3, 2024
What The Tech Episode 27: “Healing the System” with Caroline Arzoo of OmniSync

It can’t be emphasized enough: The key to startup success hinges on building a community.

While you may be working on cutting-edge innovation that on it’s own should open up opportunities, it’s your partners in the startup ecosystem who are going to be able to unlock doors—and non-dilutive funding—that will give your great idea lift. 

This is part of the ethos behind OmniSync, a VC and government-backed software and services company that helps find and fund the best American innovations.

Today I am thrilled to be joined by Caroline Arzoo, Director of Partnerships at OmniSync. In Caroline’s role, she works with teams like Boast that have a shared mission of driving innovation by giving passionate founders access to the resources they need to achieve growth. She’s the perfect person for the job, as she also contributes as a Mentor to the Founder Institute in their San Diego and Silicon Valley chapters, adding further proof to just how passionate Caroline is about empowering innovators to make an impact.

As for OmniSync, this team truly leans on innovation, using modern AL/NLP-powered context-matching algorithms to create non-obvious connections between public and private innovators, scouts, and funders. Once a connection is made, OmniSync’s workflow tools help the parties execute on exciting new opportunities and collaborate on projects, unlocking critical resources such as early-stage funding, key partnerships, deep market intelligence, and predictive insights, for the go-getters in the innovation ecosystem.

Help founders avoid “Valley of Death”

At the end of the day, Caroline Arzoo is a people person, and the ability to meet innovative founders who share her energy  makes her role at OmniSync a dream come true. 

Caroline discusses how her team matches founders with critical funding from the United States government and beyond to accelerate product growth and drive innovation.

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program can be a gamechanger for innovative startups to capture non-dilutive funding, but the barrier to entry has always been wrapped in beaurocracy.

Caroline Arzoo and the team at OmniSync help founders navigate around the “Valley of Death” that can easily derail incredibly innovation, helping them not just apply for critical government funding but partnering founders with leaders in the larger startup ecosystem.

Caroline Arzoo of OmniSync discusses how partnerships and community are the key to navigate the choppy waters of startup life, and how partnerships like Boast are critical to capturing non-dilutive government funding that drives innovation.

Caroline Arzoo’s biggest advice for founders navigating the startup landscape is to find community. OmniSync and Boast partner daily to help innovative businesses tap into the non-dilutive funding offered across North America to extend product runways and drive positive change.

Watch the full video recording of the episode on Boast’s Youtube channel here.

To learn more about how to navigate the United States R&D Tax Credit system to tap into non-dilutive funding that will fuel your runway, download our ebook.

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