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What The Tech Episode 28: “Achieving Embodied AI” with Silicolabs

What The Tech Episode 28: “Achieving Embodied AI” with Silicolabs
on January 9, 2024
What The Tech

While artificial intelligence is being applied to virtually every market, field, industry and task in search of an optimal application, the next generation of AI lays in what the team at Silicolabs calls “Embodied AI.”

This is technology that goes above and beyond the text prompts that many consumers are familiar with to actually engage with users like humans do. That is, embodying real-world behavior to capture real-world insights. 

The team at Silicolabs is helping bring this next generation AI to market by creating tools that enable anyone to leverage tech like virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI within a framework designed for creativity and collaboration.

The results? Silicolabs customers can easily create virtual experiences that simulate real-world scenarios to train and assess humans & AI behavior, saving precious time and resources.

It’s a hot market for sure, and one steeped in research and development, which is why we’re thrilled to welcome Silicolabs Co-founder and CEO Benjamin Alsbury-Nealy and Co-Founder COO Kyla Alsbury-Nealy onto this episode of What The Tech. Benjamin and Kyla are driving some serious innovation over at Silicolabs, leveraging emerging technology to bridge the gap between Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

We discuss how they got into the space in the first place, the many applications and use cases of their cutting-edge tech, and their opinion on what it takes to succeed in the current startup ecosystem.

Don’t be afraid to “kill the baby

As Benjamin and Kyla explain, you really can’t rush things when you’re driving innovation. This is especially true when building something as scalable and dynamic as the embodied AI that their team is engineering, which calls for many rounds of iteration to uncover “better ways of doing” the work.

You can’t ask OpenAI to buy you a coffee, as Benjamin from Silicolabs explains, as his team is on a mission to create the “next generation” artificial intelligence that can actually control things. Creating human-like AI—embodied AI, as their team puts it—hinges on human data and building a data repository around human behavior that, until now, hasn’t existed.

As Benjamin and Kyla from Silicolabs explain, founders need to embrace a learner mentality. After all, there is no one else there to do many of the day-to-day tasks in the early days, calling for founders to wear many hats and to be proactive in solving problems in all dimensions of the business.

Watch teh full interview with the Silicolabs team, and other interviews with leading innovators across North America, on our Youtube Channel.

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