What The Tech Episode 30: “Getting Back to Fundamentals” with Sean Languedoc

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Today we are thrilled to welcome onto the show Sean Languedoc, Founder and CEO of Outforce.AI. Formerly known as Global Talent Accelerator, Outforce transforms outsourcing from a daunting task to a strategic asset to accelerate delivery for venture-backed companies. Outforce filters out all the noise and quickly matches clients with the best suited engineering agencies – filtering down to agencies that can not just deliver but also seamlessly blend with existing company culture.

Sean’s team at Outforce have a database with over 77,000 software agencies from next door to off shore. They quickly get to the top ten and do deeper due diligence from there so clients don’t waste any time talking to any companies that aren’t a fit. Their unique approach has a remarkable 98% hit rate, enabling tech companies to ramp up their engineering capacity swiftly and confidently without a dent in quality, cost, or time.

But this is just one pillar of Sean’s story, as he’s spent more than 25 years immersed in the tech space and built 4 companies from ideas into thriving enterprises. He continues to immerse himself in the startup ecosystem as a mentor, guiding budding entrepreneurs through the complex landscape, and providing them with the resources and network to thrive.

Check out the full episode with Sean on Boast’s YouTube channel here.

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