What The Tech Episode 40: “Don’t wait for the right time” with Mila Banerjee of Pronti AI

What The Tech Episode 40: "Don't wait for the right time" with Mila Banerjee of Pronti AI

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Many would-be founders get hung up on timing, delaying their pursuit of innovation for any number of reasons: Lending markets may be tight, for instance, or an entrepreneur may have a great idea, but lack their own technological know-how to start developing solutions. 

But as any successful founder will tell you, it’s not worth it to sit on the sidelines and wait for conditions to change. That’s because as Mila Banerjee, CEO and Tech Lead at Pronti AI, explains there are always storm clouds on the horizon, and waiting for things to change without taking matters into your own hands is no way to operate. 

At Pronti, Mila and her team are looking to help Apparel and Accessory retailers access their share of the nearly $1 trillion dollar personalization opportunity that’s out there. They do this by giving retailers access to unique consumer purchase intent data that’s historically been just out of reach. 

The Pronti app leverages six machine learning algorithms in the background to allow consumers to experience easy closet uploads and outfit inspiration, while being the only place where users can shop with their existing closet items.

Along with being an awesome tool for consumers and businesses alike, Pronti is impacting UN Sustainability Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production through individual closet utilization, and providing data for retailers to optimize production.

It’s an amazing solution that touches on a wealth of opportunities, but that’s only part of Mila’s journey, as she’s been leading the tech charge across industries and the entire globe over the course of her career to date. I’m so excited to hear about her latest venture, what’s in store for Pronti going forward, and her take on the current state of startups for fellow entrepreneurs in 2024.

There will always be storms on the horizon

Mila Banerjee understands that machine learning algorithms need to work together to be most effective. The predictive capabilities of computer vision are only effective when they’ve been trained and cultivated by pros, which is what the team at Pronti is focused on mastering for shoppers and retailers alike.

The best time to get started building your business or developing a new innovation is always now. If you’re apprehensive and waiting on the sidelines, you may already be at a disadvantage. As Mila Banerjee of Pronti AI explains, there will always be storms on the horizon, whether it’s funding challenges or just tough markets. But you need to take action and get in the game to avoid losing momentum.

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