4 Step Framework for Building Multi Billion Dollar Companies

Sarah Tavel

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In this session, Sarah Tavel, General Partner at Benchmark, and early employee at Pinterest shares her 4-step framework for building multi-billion dollar companies.

Sarah covers how to:

– drive engagement
– retain users
– create viral loops

Sarah Tavel is a General Partner at Benchmark where she invests in consumer businesses, consumerization of IT, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Prior to Benchmark, Sarah was a General Partner at Greylock Partners and was also Vice President at Bessemer Venture Partners, where she sourced the firm’s investment in Pinterest before joining the company as one of their first 35 employees.

While at Pinterest, Sarah served as product lead for search, recommendations, machine vision, and pin quality, and also led the company through a period of hyper-growth, including international launch and several acquisitions.

She is also a founding member of All Raise, a nonprofit organization working to accelerate the success of women in the venture capital and VC-backed startup ecosystem.

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