What The Tech Episode 46: “No more black boxes” with Dmytro Grechko from Deskree

on May 15, 2024

The process of developing and funding new solutions isn’t a journey that founders should navigate on their own. There are technological complexities that call for an “engineers mindset” as well as facets of running a business that require a very different kind of analytical thinking that need to work in tandem.

Partnerships with others in the tech ecosystem, therefore, is key to driving innovation in Canada or abroad. This is something that Deskree Founder and CEO Dmytro Grechko knows firsthand as both a founder in his own right and the creator of a solution that helps other teams build great products. 

At Deskree, their mission is to make software development accessible to everyone by breaking down traditional barriers and empowering people to turn their ideas into reality. 

This can be a gamechanger for any entrepreneurs who may have the vision to build an amazing product, but lack that backend expertise. Deskree’s proven 5-step process for building an effective and scalable cloud infrastructure offers visionaries a seamless route for bringing their ideas to life in minutes—not weeks, months or even years. 

The TL;DR? Their solution enables founders to focus on creating amazing products, letting Deskree do the heavy lifting when it comes to technical nitty gritty. It’s an ethos that we mirror in our mission here at Boast as we strive to help  founders drive innovation without burdening them or expanding their already heavy workload. 

I’m thrilled to pick Dmytro’s brain on some of the exciting projects he’s executing at Deskree today, the unique R&D that goes into creating no-code solutions, and what’s in store as Deskree grows.

White-glove partnership to maximize R&D outcomes

Deskree spends significant time helping customers out with their own R&D and he’s seen firsthand what a struggle the SR&ED claim process can be without the proper automation, process and people there to support. 

At Boast, our AI helps streamline some of the arduous data collection to help our human tax and tech experts create stronger, larger, more comprehensive claims for customers.

As Dmytro explains, there’s a huge difference between a phone-it-in software or Big 4 solutions, or a true partner like Boast who saddles up with you to do the heavy lifting and maximize your SR&ED outcomes. 

Boast is unlike any product Dmytro has encountered in this regard. Our team is there for him when questions arise, have answers ready when the CRA comes knocking, and knows his tech and how to communicate it in SR&ED terms.

Like no other solution

Boast’s proven process for maximizing SR&ED goes beyond just tax credits. Our proven success year after year has helped our customers like Deskree rethink their R&D operations to be more organized, efficient and ultimately drive more innovation. 

Helping teams maximize their access to innovation funding while helping them actually improve their R&D workflows and achieve greater success is what we’re all about here at Boast.

Watch the full interview with Dmytro where he unpacks his founder’s journey on Boast’s Youtube Channel here.

To learn more abotu how Boast partners with customers to streamline the SR&ED process and maximize their access to non-dilutive innovation capital, talk to an expert today.


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