Entrepreneurs on Fire – R&D Tax Credit and SR&ED

Boast.AI Maximizes Your Cashback While Handling The Paperwork

Why Work With Us?

Larger Refunds

Capture all your R&D projects
and costs by categorizing every
ticket and expense from your

Less Time

Our clients save 5X the time
spent by automating data
collection, analysis, and report

Instant Cash

Instant cash

Get affordable non-dilutive capital to
scale your business – no more
waiting for tax season and
government processing times.

Audit Protection

We’ll defend you in an R&D tax audit.
Plus we compile detailed audit docs
from your systems by combining
tickets, timestamps, and expenses.

R&D Tax Experts

With 1000s of successful claims,
our team has the experience
necessary to prepare and defend
your next R&D Tax claim.

How It Works?


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