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Boast SR&ED Credits

Automate and streamline the claim process for SR&ED credits.

The US and Canadian governments spend billions of dollars every year to incentivize companies to innovate and do R&D, but the process to claim these tax credits is cumbersome and prone to costly audits.

Boast helps innovative companies recoup a portion of their R&D and product development costs.

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260% faster

Innovative companies grow 260% faster than average companies.

Boast helps you access the billions of dollars available in R&D tax credits and funding to improve insights and grow faster.

Our software integrates your financial, engineering, and project data to increase the speed, accuracy, and size of eligible tax incentives.

Boast improves claim quality, compliance, and audit readiness with our experienced technical staff, and we remove the mystery, complexity, and difficulty from the process to become your R&D source of truth.

The faster you differentiate and compete through R&D and innovation, the more you win.

Your Data Equals a Better Claims Process

Boast’s in house team of experts combined with our state of the art AI platform gathers data from your technical and financial systems to identify and categorize eligible , time, and expenses—estimating along the way instead of only at the end—and getting you more money, faster, for less time, and risk.

BoastClaim™ R&D

Maximize your tax incentive claims and eliminate the difficulty and mystery of traditional offerings.

BoastClaim™ SR&ED

Get up to 64% back in your R&D expenditures from the CRA with the help of our AI technology and in-house experts

AI Platform

Leverage Boast’s advanced AI and ML technology to get more money back faster, with fewer audit risks.


We’ll defend you in an IRS or CRA audit. Plus we compile detailed audit documents from your systems by combining tickets, timestamps, and expenses.


Automatic, integrated, accurate—Boast makes it easy to grow faster using advanced funding for SR&ED tax credits.

White Glove Service

We take the pressure off of you by authoring your technical reports, reviewing claims and eligibility, and ensuring everything possible is done to maximize your claim.

"R&D helps us accelerate our innovation. When you’re an early-stage company building in a new market, speed is critical. We’re very grateful for the R&D incentive program and the dedicated support and guidance from Boast."

Find Out How Much Money You Can Get From The Government

Your free 1-hour consultation includes a detailed review of our platform, your projects, processes, and financial data by one of our R&D Tax experts.

Talk to one of our experts to see how outsourcing your R&D tax claims to Boast can get you more money back from the government and help you regain the time you need to run your business.

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