Collision Conference 2023: Recaps from the Boast AI team

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The Boast AI team was on the floor for this year’s Collision Conference in Toronto from June 26-29, where we caught up with existing partners, future collaborators, and familiar faces from across the tech ecosystem.

It was a jam packed event filled with highlights. To recap their favorite moments from the event, Carlos Coelho and Dan Dumond from the Boast team joined Asad Ali for an #InnovatorsLive session this past Friday to recap the event. Check out the conversation on this Bonus Episode of the What The Tech? Podcast here:

Along with visiting the many booths and speakers at the show, the Boast AI team was busy throughout the week mingling at our partners’ after parties and even hosting our own #GetSREDed workout at Barry’s Bootcamp in Toronto.

The most exciting part for many on the team was actually getting to collaborate with peers face-to-face for the first time. Paul Davenport caught up with members of the Boast team throughout the event for some real-time reactions to the sights and sounds on the floor. Here just a few of the conversations from throughout the week.

Biggest surprise from #CollisionConf Day 1 for Asad Ali? “SO many companies aren’t doing SR&ED!”

Boast AI’s resident “prairie kid” and all-around all-star Curtis Griffith agrees that between keynotes from Stripe, amazing founders on the floor, and food trucks that can’t be beat, it was definitely a great Day 1.

Miriam Dong was on ? catching up with connections throughout #CollisionConf and spreading the word about all the great work Boast AI can do for startups in Canada.

These are just a few of the takeaways from the Boast AI team during their trip to Toronto. 

Check out some of the amazing partners and founders we caught up with on the floor in our next roundup post from Collision Conference 2023!

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