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Collision Conference 2023: Founders, Innovators and All-Stars from the show

Collision Conference 2023: Founders, Innovators and All-Stars from the show
on July 9, 2023
Collision Conference 2023: Founders, Innovators and All-Stars from the show

The Boast AI team took to the floor (and the treadmill) during Collision Conference 2023 in Toronto, June 26-29, and caught up with a bevy of partners, old friends and new pals throughout the event. 

Along with hosting our own #GetSREDed workout during the show, we caught up with some of the partners in attendance for a post-workout smoothie and chat about their time at the conference. 

Ben Su from Capita was among the all-stars who joined our Barry’s Bootcamp event. While he had no trouble tackling our workout, that hadn’t been the case for his SR&ED filing before his team partnered with Boast.

Check out our post-workout chat to hear how we “put our necks on the line” to ensure Capita got their full tax refund to fuel their innovation.

Mallory Mueller and Ekin Ober of Aethos Labs (nee myConverso) showed us how it’s done at today’s #GetSREDed event from Boast at Barry’s Bootcamp in Toronto.

Their team has built an incredible workplace productivity solution that promises to empower professionals to excel in their interactions, leveraging the latest and greatest in AI.

Check out Paul Davenport’s chat with Mallory to hear about her experiences at #CollisionConf, their team’s amazing solution, and what’s in store for the rest of the week.

Jamie Hackett was another member of the Toronto tech community who showed up to work out.

Back on the show floor, we were sure to stop by the booth of long-time partner VanHack. Meghan Watchorn, founder Ilya Brotzky and the amazing team at VanHack have been “connecting cultures with code” and driving innovation across Canada and beyond.

We’re thrilled here at Boast to have a longstanding relationship with a game-changing partner like VanHack who is making such a meaningful impact connecting tech communities on a global scale.

Laura Fortey and the team at REITIUM represent everything we love about the #Canada ?? tech ecosystem: True innovation that benefits anyone with an entrepreneurs mindset. ??

Along with being a Boast AI customer, Laura’s team enables individuals to take charge of their own real estate investments with minimal barrier to entry (and as little as $100 to get started). ?
We discuss their growth journey and how they worked with Boast to take advantage of SR&ED and maximize their access to non-dilutive funding–something EVERY startup in Canada should be exploring (read: free money).

Dyne has more than earned its place as the fastest-growing restaurant AI. ?? ? ?

Their solution is steeped in R&D, combining generativ eAI with supplychain AI to enhance and evolve constantly. 

The results? Dyne customers enjoy 79% faster growth and 138% market growth. 
That’s why we’re proud to have partnered with Arnav Mishra and the team at Dyne to take advantage of the innovationtaxcredits offered in Canada to help fuel their product runway.

Quack wants to revolutionize sales via a platform that “makes cold calls easy.”

Co-Founder Taylor Del Giudice takes a customer-first approach to innovation that ensures his product is really tackling the most pressing needs facing sales teams—and delivering a truly innovative solution steeped in R&D along the way.
As a member of the FounderFuel 2023 cohort, Quack was on our radar and we were thrilled to connect in real-time at the 2023 Collision Conf.

These are just a handful of the amazing innovators we came across at Collision Conference 2023. We’ll also be at StartupFest in Toronto July 12-14! Reach out on LinkedIn to connect with the team and to link up on the floor!


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