Respect Group Makes Canada Safer Through SR&ED Tax Credits and Partnership with Boast

Respect Group Makes Canada Safer Through SR&ED Tax Credits and Partnership with Boast

Best-in-class Canadian e-learning company accelerates creation and delivery of its innovative curriculum and platform using SR&ED tax incentives.

Respect Group was created for the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD) in sports, schools, and the workplace. To accomplish this most effectively, the founders of Respect Group took a technology platform approach to help deliver their highly impactful content easily to everyone.

The Respect Group Success

The company was formed in 2004 by co-founders Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil to inspire a culture of respect. “People want to be involved with organizations that demonstrate respect,” said Garth Stonier, Respect Group COO. “Often, vision or mission statements include the word ‘’respect;” however, few organizations have empowered and equipped all the members of their teams with the necessary tools and training to ensure a positive and psychologically safe environment.”

Today, over 1.65 million Canadians have been certified on Respect Group’s curriculum using their technology platform. The technology is a key factor to enabling the delivery of their courses. Development at Respect Group includes mobile applications and delivery of in-house created multimedia content seamlessly through mobile and desktop browsers with responsive design, WCAG 2.1 accessibility, multi-lingual closed captioning and api’s for integrating seamlessly with client’s networks and LMS. The platform also encompasses client management features to ensure successful client lifecycle management.

“People want to be involved with organizations that demonstrate respect.”


Respect Group partners with tax incentive technology partner Boast to capture all eligible tax incentives from the Canadian government’s Scientific Research and Experimental Design (SR&ED) program. Each year the Canadian Government gives away billions of dollars in tax incentives to companies that invest in innovation.

For Respect Group, the SR&ED tax incentive dollars have been used to merge proprietary technologies with stringent accessibility features for disability compliance. Once a prospect becomes a customer, the process begins; Respect group provides a unique client address to access their content through the learning management platform. Organizations can provide access to their employees and sporting organizations provide access to players, coaches, parents and staff.


Respect Group achieves at least a 4x return on their R&D re-investments from SR&ED tax credits, made available through its partnership with Boast.

“Our goal is to have users access the content anywhere, anytime, and without any challenges,” said Stonier. “Many clients want to use their own learning systems for our content, which includes development of APIs to integrate the SaaS offering or, in the case of Respect in the Workplace, convert content to a common format in our industry called SCORM, or shared content object research model.”

“Helping Respect Group collect their maximum tax credits has always been our goal,” said Alex Popa, Boast CEO, and co-founder. “SR&ED funding helps Respect Group attain government level accessibility and deliver more content to more people, which makes the world a safer place for everyone.”

Respect Group Achieves a 4x Return on SR&ED Re-investments

Respect Group believes that by using the SR&ED funds, they achieve a 4x return on funds invested into technology delivery and innovation. By being better at innovation, compliance, and category leadership, Respect Group can fulfill its mission to create safe and respectful sporting, school, and workplace environments where people feel empowered to step up and step in when they see inappropriate behavior and maltreatment.

1.65 Million Canadians certified using Respect Group’s innovative curriculum and technology platform

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