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What The Tech Episode 10: “All About Community” with Lloyed Lobo

What The Tech Episode 10: “All About Community” with Lloyed Lobo
on September 12, 2023
What The Tech Episode 10: “All About Community” with Lloyed Lobo

Today’s episode of What The Tech is extra special, as we welcome Boast’s own co-founder Lloyed Lobo to our podcast feed for a conversation that digs deep into his community-led approach to building a successful business. 

Along with being one of the original brains behind Boast, Lloyed is also the founder of Traction, a community empowering more than 100k innovators through connections, content, and capital. The community-led business model Lloyed spearheaded both here and at Traction was key to bootstrapping Boast in our early days, eventually building a business with eight figure revenue while securing over $100million in funding. 

Lloyed tells this story as well as other community-first founder strategies in his new book ‘From Grassroots To Greatness: 13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community Led Growth,’ which features tactical advice from businesses both big and small, including Apple, Harley Davidson, Nike, Crossfit, HubSpot, and many more.

But building a community (and even writing a book) isn’t as easy as Lloyed makes it look. 

After talking to more than 1,000 leaders and looking behind the growth of obscure ideas that went on to become enduring companies, Lloyed’s distilled his learnings into a comprehensive guide on how to leverage your networks—both professional and personal—to drive long-term sustainable growth. 

Specifically, this book will teach you how to:

  • Build an audience
  • Bring your people together to create a movement
  • Craft experiences that keep your community coming back for more
  • Leverage the power of rituals to turn your community into a cult-like following
  • Nurture loyalty and forge unbreakable bonds
  • Turn your customers into evangelists
  • Make your brand unforgettable
  • Build a long-term sustainable growth engine

It’s a must read, and of course, any podcast featuring Lloyed is a must listen. Check out the episode to hear from him directly about what it was like building Boast in tandem with the massive Traction community, his process for writing, and his advice for founders navigating the startup scene in 2023.

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