What The Tech? Episode 4: “Bookkeeping for Offsets” with Natureblocks

What The Tech? Episode 4: “Bookkeeping for Offsets” with Natureblocks

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Natureblocks Founder and CEO James Davidson first got the idea for his company a few years back when Canadian wildfires were stealing the headlines. 

Sound familiar?

While James’s motivation was born out of a dream he had involving fires and his family home (a must-hear story), Natureblocks is also born from an interest in blockchain, and leveraging the technology for good. 

Boast AI’s own Technical Solutions Manager Aliya Amershi joins Paul Davenport to co-host an interview with the Natureblocks team, one of Boast’s most exciting clients.

Davidson and CFO Harrison White talk about developing the first blockchain-based carbon offset development platform, and how they’re helping everyone from farmers to auditors understand their carbon footprint.

It’s a pressing topic and a conversation that couldn’t be more timely. Learn more about Natureblocks here and subscribe to What The Tech for bi-weekly interviews with leaders across the North American tech ecosystem.

Check out the full episode and other founder interviews on Boast’s YouTube Channel.

About: What The Tech? Episode 4: “Bookkeeping for Offsets” with Natureblocks

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