What The Tech Episode 41: “Enabling meaningful work” with Peter Monteza of MyARC

What The Tech Episode 41: “Enabling meaningful work” with Peter Monteza of MyARC

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Product evolution is a key component of achieving growth, as businesses need to respond to market needs and new technologies without hesitation to achieve scalable success.

This was something that Peter Monteza learned firsthand, as he kicked off his journey as founder for MyARC by literally bringing the technology he was developing to his target customers and asking “would you pay for this” point blank.

It’s this kind of early customer research and on-the-ground brand building that made MyArc the robust, tech-forward platform that they are today

At MyARC, their mission is to power fitness creators to get their fans fit and make a purposeful living while doing so. They’ve done this by creating a platform that enables fitness content creators to train their fans interactively at scale, from anywhere in the world. MyARC takes care of the boring stuff—progressions, daily stats and tracking—so that trainers can focus on the important part—content, advice and motivation—for their fans and community. 

It’s an exciting mission and a powerful platform that’s rooted in Peter’s own experience training as a national-level athlete. 

But Peter’s drive and determination go beyond physical health, as he’s proven to be an adept entrepreneur, having taken part in accelerator and incubator programs—including being part of Techstars 2022 cohort—on his journey as a founder. 

I’m excited to learn more about what his experiences in the startup world have been like to date and what’s in store for MyARC in 2024.

A network of global fitness creators

With My ARC, Peter Monteza and his team have been able to help fitness creators across the globe monetize their content and services and create meaningful careers out of the valuable content they share. 

Peter was able to cultivate this platform by working with fitness professionals and creators firsthand to help refine a solution that benefits consumers and creators alike.

As Peter Monteza from MyARC explains, there are both obvious and unforeseen benefits to bringing your technical talent in house. 

Not only will you have more control of the technology if you’re own team is building it from scratch and understanding custom environments, but you may also be driving activities that could unlock access to non-dilutive funding (ie. R&D tax credits) that can help your team stretch innovation investments further. 

Stream the full interview with Peter on Boast’s YouTube channel here.

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